Our vision

The New York State Taekwondo Association was founded  in 1986 and since then we have had the privileged to witness how year by year our vision has been materialized. 

Fomenting the practice of taekwondo has always been in the top of our list, but beyond that, we have always seek to  drive taekwondo athletes from all around the state to adopt this martial art as a life style, challenging themselves, physically and mentally; demonstrating their endurance, their passion, and proving the power of will.  

Taekwondo is all about discipline, perseverance and commitment, and those are the values that have helped us to make it to this point. We are strongly committed to our goal and we will keep providing martial artists from all around the state with a space where they can grow and build a better version of themselves.  


“Is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” – Jim Rohn



Every great dream begins with a dreamer


Be committed to your goals and never rest until you achieve them

Power of Will

“Everything is within your power,
and your power is within you” –     Janice Trachtman